Audio Post Production


Sound Supervision

  • We know that one of the major causes of problems during post-production is poor supervision. On the ideal project we are brought on board early in the process to oversee the location recordings, liaising with the necessary parties to ensure issues are dealt with before they become problems. We’ll see the project through editorial, ensuring the editor has everything they need whilst maintaining a technical overview to ensure smooth transition forward. As sound post commences we aim to bring the often disparate elements together – under one roof if possible – saving the production time and money.


  • Remote ADR and on-set ADR with streamers and text on-screen. Source-Connect lines provide secure connections to other studios enabling our sound recordists to record voices from almost anywhere in the world.


  • Live recording of all footsteps and prop movements is provided in our foley stage and recorded directly to ProTools through a super-clean analog front end.

Re-Recording / Remote Re-Recording

  • We can mix your project here or a mixing engineer can visit you in house and can help your project on site. Our remote mixing program is ideal for our out of town or international clients. We provide the opportunity to have your tracks mixed and send back to you wherever you are. An easy upload process lets you send us your multi-track session and mix notes directly yo one of our in house mix engineers. You can use i-chat to communicate real time with the engineer mixing your session and to receive mix passes for approval.

Sound Design & Editorial

  • Sound Effects Design: Sound effects are created specifically for each project. Through the extensive use of specialized technology, our team builds customized sounds to meet the exact needs of your picture.
  • Sound Effects Editing: From cute and sweet to huge and hard core, our effects editors create richly layered effects elements for every production style.

Custom Field Recording

  • We have deep experience in audio industry providing custom field recordings capturing clean and detailed sound. We prefer equipment that is simple, reliable, quick to operate, solid connections, and sounds good.